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Lemmings: Deus Ex Machina Lemmings: Deus Ex Machina

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cute and funny! Super matrix lemmings XD

I love lemmings to no end. I however am incredibly particular about saving absolutely every little lemming I can, so if there is any way to save 100%, I will do it. This flash is hilarious. It's incredibly creative. I love how you opened it with traditional lemmings situations, and then the one survivor was... well... rofl, a *survivor*!!!! ROFL it'd be a funny twist in the end, when you finish it, when you have him exit, and it says, "You were supposed to get 80%. You only got 20%. Sorry." and you have to start over again XDDDDD

DBZ Alpha Episode 1 DBZ Alpha Episode 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

A Lot of Potential

It's good, and it looks clever, though you made them both look like adults, with their body sizes and proportions. I thought that was Mirai and Goku, and then realized it was supposed to be young (chibi) Trunks and Goten, and I was like WTF, oh maybe they're adults here in some parallel universe or something??

But anyway, I like the super saiyan hair effect. Good work with that. Just keep in mind chibi characters are suppoed to be small and their heads are supposed to be like, 1/4 the size of their body.

NekoLynx responds:

Im keeping that in mind and I will try making them shorter

Sharksummer 7 Sharksummer 7

Rated 2 / 5 stars

It Was Good, but Short

This was really cute while it lasted. I really like your style, and especially your color choices, and such. You obviously have a lot of talent. I just hope maybe you could add onto this, and kinda show what happens to the big fish. It'd be a better (and hopefully longer) story.

Poison-Rat responds:

Hi Laura!

Recent Game Reviews

number munchers number munchers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

OMG nostalgia!

My gosh, I DO remember the good old days! I know I played this at one point before in my life.... wow, that must have been so long ago, it was back in the DOS games. This is freakin awesome. X)

authorblues responds:

glad you got absorbed in the nostalgia.
HAIL the B:\ DRIVE... back in the DOS glory days.